10 Sep
Hungaroring: Race 2

Keeping in mind that Hungaroring is a high traction circuit where pilots are permanently stopping and leaving at very low speeds, on Sunday's race, and after the rupture of one of the engine mounts, ranked in the 15th position in qua... more

09 Sep
Qualification day 2: Hungaroring

In the second day of qualifications in Hungaroring, Jammal arrived in 15th position.

Noel was working on different settings for his car, more aggressive driving, always looking to improve his skills. His gearbox bracket was broken ca... more

08 Sep
Hungaroring qualifications day 1: Noel loses 4 places in Penalty!

The qualifications were very encouraging today for Noel Jammal, as he managed to adapt to the new chassis and make amazing progress with better timings.

Noel started the qualifications among the 3 first positions, going back... more

08 Sep
3rd position for Noel Jammal at Hungaroring's first race

The first race in Hungaroring was a very exiting one for Cedars team.
Noel Jammal started in 12th position in qualifications to end up in 3rd in the this first race, fighting a long way to overtake his opponent... more

07 Sep
Hungaroring: Free practice day

Hungaroring is a very difficult track and one of the slowest on the calendar, so the machine should be set to a high level of downforce. The twisty and bumpy nature of the circuit makes overtaking very difficult in... more

03 Sep
Hungaroring schedule

Dear Cedars friends and family,

Hope you had a nice summer and enjoyed your vacation, cause we're back and the season is about to start!

Get ready for the next week end F3 race in Hungaroring, Budapest.

Cedars t... more