30 Sep
Monza: great start for Noel Jammal
1st in the free practices 1 & 3, and 4th in FP2 despite running with used tyres. Watch the qualification's session tomorrow at 10h55 on more
29 Sep
Monza, here we come! Check out the WE's schedule


18 Sep
Algarve: Race 2 - Noel 4th Position

Starting at the 2nd place of the Grid for Sunday's race, Noel Jammal made a loop while fighting for the first place. He took back the race 5th and fought for the fourth place until the final lap. He scores 6 points in the Drivers Championship a... more

17 Sep
Algarve: Race 1 - Noel 5th Position!

After a great start, Noel won four places and attacked the first corner at the 5th position. A strong fight took place during the second part of the race between Jammal, Fontana and Cunha for the fourth place. Jammal finally finished 5th behind... more

16 Sep
Agarve: Qualifications

After a thrilling 3rd Free Practice session during which Noel Jammal made the 3rd time, the qualification session was even tougher with 6 drivers being at 0.1". Noel finished the session at the 9th position, lacking of top speed in comparison w... more

15 Sep
Algarve: week end schedule
Get ready for the relaunch of the season! This week end follow us in Algarve south of Portugal. Qualifications on Saturday at 10am (gmt+1), race 1 on saturday 15h00 and race 2 on sunday 12h00. See the races live in our vidéo section. more