After 3 days of testing in Valencia, Noel & Matteo are more than ready for Spa challenge


Nurburgring was another test for Noel Jammal and Matteo Beretta to get to know better their cars, having had limited running with the F312. Last week Noel and Matteo spent three days in Valencia circuit working on their cars settings, which helped them get familiar with the new machine. For them Spa is the beginning, they're more than ready for this fight. Alex Toril And Moises Soriano will be there too.


Spa is a track on the calendar where low levels of downforce will be used due to its long straights in sectors1 and sector3, while the middle sector is more a traditional layout featuring medium and high speed cornering where downforce play a part. Historically, changeable weather conditions at Spa has meant that for optimum laptime a good compromise between the level of downforce and top speed is required.


Noel Jammal's evolution with the F312 was clear in Valencia's tests last week. His major issues was adapting to the new machine's aerodynamics and being able to extract full potential of the car; which didn't quite happen in the last too races having had limited running with the F312. Fortunately and after working on the car's set up, he managed to be at comfort with his car in parallel with working on changing his driving style. That will definitely allow him to step forward in Spa, mainly when he has a good winning history there.

Noel : “ I feel much better with the car, the settings are perfect now. The rest depends on me giving it all from now on. My timings in Valencia's tests have much improved comparing to my previous ones. Spa is one of my favorite tracks, I'm very exited to go back.”


 As For Matteo Beretta, he continues trying to adapt his way of driving to the new car settings, as they are really strong and fast and therefore need different ways of driving. Having also had limited time of running in F312. Spa is a rapid track; due to its short lenght, the number of laps in each session is limited so our pilots need to adapt to track conditions quickly. Beretta is prepared for the challenge and is willing to do his best to get himself to the top.


In class C, Alex Toril and Moises Soriano will be participating in Spa race and are looking forward to participate in this new experience and fight for a wining place. Mostly for Moises, who will probably be driving his last race for this season. He's determined to get what came for: A pole position!