Barcelona free practice day


Located in Barcelona the Circuit de Catalunya is seen as an all-rounder circuit because of its long straights and a variety of corners.The wind direction at the circuit can change drastically during the day. It is then hard to find a good setup . These changeable conditions can make for unexpected performances from some teams during the race.

Because so much testing is done at this circuit, drivers and mechanics are too familiar with the circuit.


Cedars pilots are racing in their homeland Spain, a familiar track with familiar faces. And they are decided to fight no matter what.

Today the free practices were refreshing for Cedars pilots and very promising for tomorrow's qualifications. Our team strategy, unlike others, was to start the free practices with used tires and test the track, then use the new ones for the third free practice.


Noel Jammal had a very strong performance in all of the 3 sessions, as he maintained more or less, a same level of power throughout the whole day, while trying to experiment on his driving. He finished 8th in F.P.1, 10th in F.P.2 and 9th in F.P.3.


Moises Soriano, who's driving for the first time at the circuit de Catalunya, did surprisingly well on an unknown track. He finished 3rd in F.P.1, 5th in F.P.2 and 1st in F.P.3 in class C. Very promising weekend for Moises!