Brands Hatch Free Practices


Brands Hatch is a tough and dangerous track, mostly for young and fresh pilots like Moises Soriano and Alex Boquoi. These two started the day trying hard not to make mistakes. With Brands hatch changing weather and slipery grass border, it's hard to keep hold of your wheels on a wet track.

Alex and Moises strategy of today's practices was to get to know the track and play it safe in order to get the best of their tests. While Noel Jammal was working his way up to the top five, trying different tire sets.

Matteo Beretta is sadly no longer a member of Cedars team anymore.)

In Free practice 1,  Moises Soriano came third in Class C, proving again that he can make it among the top positions on a new circuit. Noel came in position 9th after having being in top 3 positions for the first rounds. But changing his tires to dry ones on wet floor made him loose position. Still, he improved a lot on his car. An accident while leaving the track made him loose his front wing and axle.

Alex Boquoi started the day in 10th position, trying to get to know better the track.

In F.P.2, Noel stayed in, not having enough time to repair his car. Moises came 4th in class C making 8'' of progress, while Alex came 8th, advancing 2 places and making 11'' less in his lap, comparing to F.P.1.

In F.P.3, Noel started in position 5 running on used dry tires and continued the whole race with it, while all other pilots changed to new tires, giving them better advance on Noel, who finished 9th, making a nice improvement of 11'' from F.P.1 and good timing in general.

Alex Toril came 8th making yet better timing from F.P.2 with a difference of 2'' less.

Moises car extinguisher went of because of a cable electric friction that made him  pull over and leave the 3rd free practice session.