Brands Hatch : Qualifying 1


Brands Hatch 1rst day of qualifications went really well for Cedars pilots.

Noel Jammal's fight started among the three top places as he kept on moving from 1srt to third place marking good timings. Unfortunately, due to raining weather, the race was stopped by two yellow flags, allowing other pilots to catch up and cool down there wheels. After the second yellow flag, only one lap was left: Noel started it with a fast sector when his engine failed to give the speed he was pushing for and slowed him down. He finished in 7th position, doing a great progress and getting everytime closer to the top.

Our class C pilots were cautious on Brands Hatch wet floor, Moises Soriano managed to finish at 2nd place in his category and Alex Boquoi finished 5th in class C. Very good results for our young drivers.