Cedars ambassador for Kunhadi

Kunhadi Sixth Anniversary
We race on the track, we drive on the roads"

On Tuesday 30 October  2012, Kunhadi hosted a press conference at Holiday Inn, Verdun, under the auspices of Public Works and Transportation Minister, Mr. Ghazi El Aridi and in the presence of a number of social and media figures. 

Aridi asserted that efforts by Kunhadi and other associations complement the work of official establishments and applauded initiatives taken to improve the current situation, and encouraged the support of the civil society. Aridi congratulated Kunhadi on its awareness activities and for  being “an active partner of the ministry in solving and spreading road safety awareness in Lebanon.

According to him, car crash statistics  published by different institutions indicate that  the main reasons behind traffic fatalities and injuries are: Speed, driving under the influence of alcohol and disregard of road regulations. Aridi called upon all municipalities to collaborate with the ministry and associations to reduce the toll of fatalities on the road.    

    Kunhadi's vice president Mrs. Lena Gebran thankedevery one who believed  and  supported Kunhadi, be it in financial means, media coverage, moral support or volunteer work. And she promised “despite any obstacle and all difficulties, we promise you we will not stop our mission to spread road safety awareness and make our roads safer”.   

    Kunhadi president Mr.Fady Gebrane then explained more about the causes of car crashes and how to stop them from increasing and announced Kunhadi's surprise for 2012: Lebanese and Spanish Formula 3 champion Noel Jammal has joined Kunhadi as the new road safety ambassador. Together with Noel Jammal, Kunhadi will shape a new understanding of speeding that will restrict speed driving to specialized racing tracks, under the slogan “We race on the track, we drive on the road”.