Hungaroring qualifications day 1: Noel loses 4 places in Penalty!


The qualifications were very encouraging today for Noel Jammal, as he managed to adapt to the new chassis and make amazing progress with better timings.

Noel started the qualifications among the 3 first positions, going back and fourth, until he stopped to change his tire, where he went behind in positioning. But few laps later, Noel catches up and finishes 8th with less then a 0"100 away from the 5th position.

Moises is still not comfortable with his car as he feels that the back rear is not stable, forcing him to slow down his pace. He finished 14th in general positioning ( 5th in class C).
Unfortunately, a penalty imposed on Noel and 6 other pilots for driving outside the race line, by taking out their best lap, changed the qualifications results: Noel lost 4 positions to end up 12th and Moises gained 1 position and became 13th in general positioning, 4th in class C.