Cedars, the first Lebanese & Arabic Motor Sport Team to become European champions

At Cedars Auto Sport we are proud to be the first Lebanese and Arabic Motor Sport Racing Team to compete and win a Formula 3 European Championship .

In association with the Circuit of Valencia driving school, our mission is to raise the Lebanese Flag, play the Lebanese National Anthem on the famous racing track podiums, and become the first Arab motor sports team to excel in such competitions.  We are the Lebanese European Challenge.

The inspiration, commitment, and hard work of our Team and Founder Mr. Youssef Jammal are the driving force of our success.

Cedars Promise

Raise the Lebanese Flag and Anthem on the most famous European motor race tracks, and become the first Arab motor sports team to excel in European racing.

Cedars Auto Sport is proud to be the first Lebanese and Arabic Motor Sport Racing Team to have won a Formula 3 European Championship competing in Partnership with Circuito de Valencia and Profiltek driving school.


Our mission is to raise the Lebanese Flag and play the Lebanese National Anthem on the famous track podiums in the world. We are the Lebanese European Challenge.


Cedars Auto Sport was founded in 2010 to compete in the European F3 Open Championship. For its first season, Cedars Auto Sport achieved outstanding results when it won the Team Championship, as well as the drivers' championships with the Dallara F308 driven by the F3 pilot Marco Barba in first place and the Dallara F306 driven by Noel Jammal in second place.

Cedars Mission

Promote and prepare young Lebanese, Arab and European drivers to the world of Top Level racing championships.

Cedars Key Success Factors

In a championship where all teams compete with similar motorsports cars and engines, one cannot win races and become champions by chance. Our achievements and distinctive performance have relied on the following key success factors:


  • Sports Ethics: Winning or losing is part of the life of every sports team.  We make it a point to fully abide and respect all the rules and regulations, and to promote sportsmanship between all racing teams and drivers.
  • Technical Excellence: Our main asset is our people. Our team of engineers and technicians has been selected having extensive experience in Motor Sport and at the highest level (including Formula1). 
  • Pilot Preparation: More than a team, we are a school for young Formula 3 drivers. The training and development of our drivers is our main goal, ensuring each and every one of them a continuous and personalized coaching by former Formula 3 champions Marco and Alvaro Barba.
  • Team Spirit: Making all our engineers, drivers and staff feel they belong to a large family is essential to maintaining the winning spirit and high dedication of all members. This atmosphere makes it a pleasure to live our passion.

European F3 Championship

The European F3 Open Championship (formerly the Spanish Formula Three Championship) is a junior formula racing series. It is an important championship in Europe that is viewed by many as a “career ladder” to Formula One.

The championship's first season was held in 2001. In recent years the Championship has become less centered in Spain, with races
across Europe, and has successfully attracted famous non-Spanish teams to take part.

In 2012, with 16 races to be held on 8 renowned European tracks, the European F3 Open is set to be the most recognized Formula 3 championship in all of Europe.